Game Dev Fort down and out?

Anyone know whether Game Dev Fort is down and out as in no longer operable? I wanted to visit the site but I received a security error from my browser on the security certificate being 44 days expired. I checked their designated twitter and their last update was from 2016. The site isitdownrightnow marks it as down. Anyone know what happened to them?

never heard of it but with a quick google search this is what i found

As some of you know, we’ve been running our Game Dev Fort ( site to introduce resource packs to developers who are not using RPG Maker. While there were some benefits to having a new home for non-RM resources – especially when it comes to keeping track of licenses – the upkeep and maintenance of a separate site has been a challenge for our small team. This resulted in the store appearing to be abandoned, which is not the impression we want to give our customers and fans.

Game Dev Fort was also our base of operations for the Indie Game Contest, including a discourse forum where users shared feedback on their contest entries. Though the contest is currently on hiatus, we hope to be able to introduce it again in the future – complete with a new and improved event area.

In two weeks, we will be shutting down the Game Dev Fort site. We ask that you back up any purchases and/or discussions you would like to keep during this time. Once Game Dev Fort has closed, we will begin to migrate the products to a special Non-RM section of the RPG Maker Web store. This process may take some time, as it’s not an automated task. But with it, we hope to provide a larger selection of non-RPG Maker licenses, as well as better sales and technical support.

Please feel free to share any questions or concerns you have about this decision, as well as any suggestions of what you’d like to see in the new Non-RM section!

taken from Game Dev Fort - Closing | RPG Maker Forums

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You must be one of those Google detectives, or I must be one of the infamous Google noobs. Thanks!

I just wanted to see what Game Dev Fort was out of curiosity and it was the 7th item down. Don’t worry I have done that plenty of times before (EDIT: meaning i have missed the answer I wanted in a google search) , just think of me as your friendly neighborhood google search companion :slight_smile:

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