Game Dealz needs a seperate post for discussion

As a daily user that browses the daily deal and community forums on, most noteable the Game Dealz post, in my opinion that post is cluttered with other discussion besides those that are posting a game deal found elsewhere on the internet. I think there should be a seperate pinned/not pinned post that can be used to discuss those deals.


I knoooo riiiight.

Also, totes guilty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway nice of you to chime in and i’m guessin’ a lot of other people feel that way whether they’re active posters or not. Guess we’ll see if the Chrono staff are gonna make one or should we. Either way, 1 or 2 more topics instead of the madness that is Game Dealz at the moment will be here soon enough i’d say.

I’ll setup a section for 'em.

I tried to suggest a solution but no one would have it apparently.