Game Art!

I’ve been meaning to make a thread about game art for a while. I’m a huge fan and love picking up books w/ concept art, environments etc. Being a huge Blizzard fan, I tend to collect those books the most but would love to learn what other games/companies people are a fan of.

This is a site I stumbled across a while ago: It’s a site run by Blizzard artists and their company + personal work.

Example piece:

Do any other sites like this exist? Or is most art tucked away in books or on actual game sites.

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What a nerd


I’ve been collecting old PC/Amiga BigBoxes the last year and a half. Some of the styles used are really impressive or unique and would not look out of place on an LP or book cover… has a good selection of cover-art but it does not beat having a tangible copy.

The only Game-Art Book I have now is the one from the first Witcher game. Really mean to pick up some from other titles sometime.

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Concept art gallery

Not every game ever obviously, but probably the largest concept art gallery for video games - at least that I know of. Have fun.


While I’m not exactly into collecting stuff, it’s quite amazing to see how many great artists are out there, so whenever I feel like checking it out, I browse DeviantArt. There’s all kinds of stuff, not just game related.

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This is awesome, tyty.

I’m a big fan of DeviantArt but there can be a huuuge range of quality which is a plus and minus depending on what you’re browsing for. Regardless it’s a really cool community that has managed to maintain an active user base for a really long time which is great.

I also really enjoy browsing CGSociety. They have specific forums for featured, challenges, software, etc and some awesome galleries and interviews with industry artists.

I found a couple sites just looking up concept art:

I’d also recommend looking up specific concept artists, since you can generally find their social media or websites.