Furry, Scaly, Feathery, Leathery Friends! [PETS]

Sometimes gaming is a labor of love when you have pets. Once we moved and bought a house, mounting our PC monitors were a must because of how the cats just LOOOOOVE laying in front of them. Post your cuties!

Meet Spartacat (White) and Mr. Bo. Jangles (Black)


Here are a couple pictures of my dog Duncan. The first two are from when he was a puppy. In case anyone is wondering, he is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie)

Finally, here is a picture of a stray cat that used to hang around outside my old house. I’m not necessarily a cat person, but I put food and water out for him everyday, and made like a hundred calls until I was eventually able to find him a home (he was very sweet and friendly).

Also, :+1: @Culdra1600 for ensuring we always have something new and interesting to discuss each day.


I always meant to ask you about your profile pic, and now I know. He’s a good looking dog. I’ve posted Meg before in the “Test” topic but I’ll match your puppy photo’s as well -

and at 2 and a half -

And I only have the one pic of Pip handy at the moment (which I posted before) but obviously this thread is more appropriate -


@DanosaurJr Thanks! I really enjoy getting to know people and things they’re actually interested in. Plus, on a gaming site, I get to find all those secret gems I never heard of to play :smiley:

Duncan is quite the cutie!!! Nice you were able to home that kitty! He has a beautiful coat!

@xist Meg has quite the smile :smile: I love Pip’s little toes! I love cat toes, theyre so plump and cute!


This is Eddie :cat2::yellow_heart:


@DoomCaek Oh another kitty pic!!! I love when they cover their faces!!! :heart_eyes:


My lil girl Momiji
Figured I’d just revive this thread instead of making a new one.