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“botched Canadian convenience store robbery set to Metal Gear Solid music”
:joy: :ok_hand:

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So many questions…


Mondays need funnies
finding myself browsing clips of Bo Burnham to intermittently help distract me from contracting a case of the monday blues

(ps. people could maybe happen to look at you a teensy bit weird sometimes, -if you’re half mumbling/humming along quietly’ish to “kill yourself”) :joy:


“Meanwhile in Ireland” :ireland::

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"Anyone see the problem here?"

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"The look of defeat"

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:thinking: fck it… just this feed in general :joy: https://twitter.com/_youhadonejob1



Just a small taste of gnuffis “youhadonejob” link.
(Don’t know why they dont show a photo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


This is so true…


:thinking:… i think that one might be too avantgarde for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
like “the soup”… Who new you’d get kicked out of a museum for trying to open/eat a can of soup? :man_shrugging:


I was always intrigued by


For some reason not oneboxing….

Whatever, the paintings are these:


AT&T: “Your World. Delivered” … :man_facepalming:



this upped my day a bit today :smile:

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alright, this wasn’t bad me thinks :grin:





Now I have to read all the articles… so Thanks?



also: the replies to this tweet


Google Live stream

“Gamers across the world will not only have access to all the latest cutting-edge games on a multitude of devices, but they will also have a proverbial cornucopia of companies that their sensitive information can be potentially sold to, all at their fingertips.”

seriously I’m sick but this was just what I needed thank you, gnufs

And the first reply on that tweet :joy:

I mean we can already ask for help when beating games, with hints. Buuuut I suppose it could more useful for people like me who can’t play platformers if their lives depended on it or something. Or journalists. But at that point… why not just watch a stream? Oh wait… :thinking:

This guy gets it: