Fundraiser For Injured Puppy

Short story:

Full explanation:

I regularly follow a gaming website, Total Gaming Network, and the main person behind it, Shawn Zipay (Zips) who manages the site and produces content for his YouTube/Twitch channels. I will not provide links to any of these, since that’s not what this is about.

A friend of Zips, Diana Woods, has a puppy named Georgie who was hit by a vehicle. Diana couldn’t afford X-Rays to find out the extent of Georgie’s injuries, so the vet could only provide syringe medication to alleviate whatever injuries and symptoms Georgie had. When I donated, Diana almost immediately contacted me through GoFundMe thanking me, and providing an update.

Apparently Georgie seems stable and can move around, but has appetite issues (“barely eats” is the actual wording). Without the X-Rays (note that it’s plural), it’ll be difficult to tell what happened to Georgie aside from a scar above his left eye.

So I’m making a post here, as someone who is a fan of Shawn Zipay’s work, who is asking for support for his friend Diana Woods.

This leads to my next point. I want to clarify that I have absolutely no connection to Diana Woods, and I don’t actually know her. Which means, you’re not exactly doing this for me in any way, shape, or form. While I want to spread the word so the fundraiser isn’t stuck at $45 for a $450 goal, I also understand that I’m asking you to consider donating your hard-earned money and putting towards something quite random and irrelevant to your own financial difficulties and hardships.

You got enough things to deal with, and here I am asking you to spend it on a complete stranger, even to me. So I’ll leave that decision with you, and I certainly wouldn’t think less of you if you were to skip this completely. Because quite frankly, I can’t even vouch if this is legit or a scam, but I’m donating because I trust Shawn Zipay’s support for this. But that doesn’t mean you need to trust this on my word.

Entirely your choice, and I respect and understand either choice you make with no desire to judge you. Especially since this isn’t personal for me.

Once again, that fundraiser is:

Thank you for your time. Much appreciated that you bothered to read this wall of te…Zzzzzz…


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I just want to thank everybody for taking the time to read this. I see there’s a ton of likes and clicks to the GoFundMe fundraiser page. All of your time in doing this is something I am grateful for. And I’m thanking ALL of you. As in, ALL of you. I took some of your time in having you read this. THANK you.

Also, I did not do any flagging, and honestly do not know Diana’s financial well-being and employment status; note that the X-Ray isn’t the only medical expense, as medication was also purchased, and vets probably have other costs as well. Perhaps this is a question you may ask Diana before considering any donation. This IS all of your hard-earned money. I refuse to judge you for how you wish to spend it. And whoever the heck donated $100, I… Holy crap I hope you have enough for yourself. THANK YOU! Even I didn’t contribute as much as you did!

But seriously, to all of you and your time spent here, much appreciated and I will continue to repeat my thanks in an irritating manner, while confusing you on how any of this benefits me (it doesn’t since whatever result Georgie ends up with, will have no impact on me).