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Fruitbat Factory Bundle at Fanatical (Active Now Sept 2019)


Seems to be a rebundle:

The whole bundle seems a bit pricey, but I don’t know most of the games.

I might get the Orange Juice DLCs though… :slight_smile:

Maybe some of the folks from the board game crew might be interested.

Board game night

Tier 1 is pretty good for someone that wants a cheap fun game and being able to participate in a potential “board game night” :blush:


Nice bundle if you like the game. There’s a good selection of interesting DLC characters to be had in tier 2 and even a bonus DLCs gained through the 200% mixed juice game.

Fanatical keeps switching currencies on me though, they used to charge in USD indiscriminately if I recall correctly and now it keeps switching between GPB and EUR while asking if I want it displayed in SEK.


Having choice in currency is wonderful - I bought Darksiders III in GBP because even with the 3% foreign currency transaction on my card it was still $7 cheaper than anywhere else. Was both confused and happy.


Is the teir one good to get for Steam Cards?? Are the Orange Juice cards nicely done? How does it work with so many OrangeJ DLC???TY


The game has cards, so I’m guessing they just took some of the already created card assets for the steam cards.


They did indeed, it’s ingame card artwork.


Guess who’s back. Back again.

The Fruit Factory Bundle is in the Fanatical store again for the next 14 days. If you missed it the last time or interesting in playing 100% Orange Juice with the Chronies sometimes, here’s ze golden opportunity.

Orange Juice is fun and simple to learn - roll the dice and try and your luck - always a good time. In the last and most expensive Tier are the exceedingly pretty Visual Novels Seabed and Miniature Garden.

( That is, if you have just hurt your budget at Humble with the Bandai Namco bundle. folds my ears down lol. )

In any case, old topic, newly relevant. Cheers. :heart:


@delenn13 Anyway to change the topic so it’s noted to be a re-run of this bundle please?


Done. :smiley:


Cheers ^^