FREE: War of the Human Tanks, on Indiegala

didn’t see it posted, even tho i normally don’t care much for indiegala i figured you should at least know the offer, in case it was something you missed


You mean generally, or just this way of adding the free games to the Library there?


if it had been a steam key i’d consider indiegala freebies myself depending on if the game was worth it or if i was interested enough in cards during the previous drop system
and in terms of quality(bundles/freebies) they aren’t really something i go nuts for +the 2 times i did make a purchase(“long” time ago) it was not a positive experience, so i just don’t even bother with them myself, -it’s just a “meh” store for me
(and i don’t seem to get many “cheapest” itad notifications from them anyway either) :man_shrugging:


Heard that. Matter of fact, the cheapest deals seem to be on Green Man (so far as I’ve seen). Other than that, getting something in a bundle, not usually an IG bundle, is the way to spend a bit less on stuff you really like.

All told, I’ve talked myself out of burning my craft room budget plans on DMC bundles, but Ashen on Epic is awesome for the price. In any case, so many other games to play…