"Free to Play" HITMAN 2 seasonal event – Holiday Hoarders (OVER)

Grab HITMAN 2 - Holiday Hoarders for *FREE! Enjoy the full Legacy Paris mission for free and get access to the seasonal ‘Holiday Hoarders’ contract.

Hitman 2 on Steam

*Holiday Hoarders is a seasonal event and will be available in HITMAN 2 for a limited time, starting on December 18 until January 8. The mission will be removed from the game at that point but the Santa 47 suit will be permanently available for anyone who unlocked it.


Ugh… too bad they decided to continue with this “free to play for 2 weeks” business…


Hire for 2 weeks free


Ok, I downloaded the game and played it.

I’m a bit confused. I did the 2 prologue training missions and I did the fashion show mission. Then the rest of the content is cut. I also don’t know how to activate Holiday Hoarders mission.

Is this intentional? Is the game just 3 missions with the rest locked?
I mean, its nice that there are all those replayable things to do in the same missions…But I’m not really into achievement hunting.


it’s a bit like when Life Is Strange has Episode 1 for free and other similar episodic games gives you a taste for no charge
so yea the rest of the game is definitely gated off as this/like last time only gives you a portion for free to try, (and convince you to purchase ofc)

can’t say how to unlock the Holiday Hoarder stuff,
when this free 2 week trial went live i saw a bunch of complaints and issue posts on the forum with some folks having varying issues, including just being able to play this promo, or unlocking the Holiday thingy. With the amount of posts i quickly glanced at i just decided to ignores this thingy and didn’t look further
-but maybe you can find your solution on the Hitman 2 steam forum


Thanks for the info.

That’s a bummer. I was hoping that the entire game would be free for 2 weeks. I didn’t think it was basically a demo. Sadly, I am not surprised.