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FREE The Sims 4 (Origin)



My favorite as of now… so god damn want that PayBack tho


unsure if this is something to feel comfortable about :thinking: :flushed:


I love posting pictures…and since i’ve almost exclusively been using Origin lately…


Soooo I had some free time the past 3 days and i already put in 15 hours so far into Sims 4. :smile:
I haven’t played a Sims game since 2 came out (and i haven’t played that too much), so i’d say it’s something new for me. :smiley: I’m enjoying it so far!

And if we post screenshots of our Origin library, here’s mine:


Here’s mine :

Yes ,you are correct , i do not use Origin .


Sooo we all have the same games more or less… EA only have less than 20 good games confirmed…

Let’s play Battlefield sometime tho…


All these screenshots with Command & Conquer included make me feel pretty good tbh


I don’t know how I missed the Alice game…Must have been camping…Don’t ask about the Dragon Age games :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Me neither, lol. I collect Alice in Wonderland stuff, hee hee. Seriously though, childhood story love.