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Free Tabletop games



I wandered into a tabletop forum and discovered this thing that is apparently well known.

The website is

I did a quick search and the site was linked a few times. But there was one thing that I completely missed. They are called Solitaire Print and Play contests. Basically 1-player table top games. Free. You have to sign up for the website and go to the “File” part of the game you want to print. It’s pdf and a lot of them need color printers.

Anyway, this would have been nice for millions of people who were quarantined with nothing to do. I feel it was a missed opportunity but no helping that now.

Thank goodness the same guy organizes the contests so it was easy to find.

2019 contest:
2018 contest:
2017 contest:
2016 contest:
2015 contest:
2014 contest:
2013 contest:
2012 contest:

The only annoying part is the contest doesn’t link most games to the webpage. So you have to manually type the name into the search bar. Dice, pencil, printer/colored printer, paper required.

I personally have my steam library for games. But if any of you are tabletop enthusiasts, I didn’t want you to miss this.


Pretty cool, @GDBringer. Thanks for the info.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Definitely cool.