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[Free Steam Key] Pinball Arcade for Steam



The game is free but by following the instructions below you can grab a key for Steam which’ll count as “+1” game to your account, increasing your exp and also your game count badge in your profile:

Credits to FreeGameFindings for this finding and instructions.


The same game (with one table included) appears to be free directly on Steam, so not much point in jumping through all those hoops:

Am I missing something?


@SensaHuMuR The extra hoops are for people who like seeing their Steam numbers go up.


Does it count as a +1 for people when the base game is free? It’s the kind of statistic that really doesn’t matter to me, so it seems like too many hoops I don’t want to jump through, but I suppose for people who care, it’s a free statistical addition. So thanks for the info @carvalho20ptc. :slight_smile: :+1:


Thanks. I read that but didn’t make the connection to not getting a +1 for a free game claimed directly through Steam - never did care much about that.


Cool find. I’ll just get the direct game though.

Like, it’s not a big deal to me whether the game drops trading cards.

BoT fArMs == POOP


@SensaHuMuR @Amyrakunejo
As @eishiya said, yes, this key is for people who want to level up their accounts, which grants benefits like profile customization, more slots to add friends and the chance to get a booster pack, which is a collection of cards of a game you own. That’s why there are people who are dedicated to farm cards and keys for themselves so they can not only see numbers going up but also getting more “perks” for their profiles, like some sort of virtual “status”.

@YQMaoski You’re welcome. :wink:




Too much like work :joy: Thanks @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


you’re gonna get something like 2 xp for all this work, which is not going to do anything at all for your profile at all except add 1 game to your games total


@francot @delenn13 Yeah, it’s not something for the faint of heart. :sweat_smile:

@M00 Exactly. But people are going to do it anyway if it means getting closer to those sweet, sweet “perks”.


Thanks, @carvalho20ptc - I already had an account there so I quickly did it.

Now I can get those Trading Cards!

EDIT: NO Trading Cards for these keys (see below).


You’re welcome but I don’t think this key drops cards, unfortunately.


The game drops trading cards; I looked before I went and activated via Steam.

I dunno if I can actually play it, but it’s good to have all the same.


The game itself does have trading cards, but the key from Direct2Drive doesn’t give you any. Are you saying otherwise?


@Amyrakunejo @Avy Yeah, thanks for the clarification. The game itself does have cards but the key doesn’t allow you to drop any due to Steam’s rules.


I tried, and that does look to be true in this case. Thank you anyway (still counts as a game owned I think). :nerd_face:


No, I was not.


Thanks for your reply, the sudden mention of cards dropping in the last few replies was getting confusing.


You’re welcome. :wink: