[Free Steam Key] Little Nightmares - EUROPE and NA Only



Not sure if this warrants a new thread (could probably just be squeezed in and edited into this one), but apparently they’ve started doing this giveaway in NA too.

It shows up when you visit the Little Nightmares 2 game page: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/games/little-nightmares-2


Oh, so they ran out of keys ? I’ve thought they had enough for everyone. Oh well.

At least they noticed the popularity and decided to do one for NA too. I’ll put it in my OP, thanks @Luxen

@delenn13 You’re welcome. Thankfully you own it or you’d be in trouble, heh.

@Fraggles Next time I’m lost I’ll ask you for some directions. :wink:


this giveaway is way more straightforward though. All it asks for is an email address and that’s it, and supposedly they’ll send the key in two weeks


It’s over. :frowning:


Yep, they ran out of keys in the European website.

You may want to try the American one instead.


Anyone had issues redeeming this ? I’ve got email and my order form is on the site but ‘unlock the key’ thingie is nowhere to be found …


I had issues with the european one idk which one u doin but ye.
There was yea a red button in the email had to get the email to show images first. After the button was pressed it unlocked the key on the website download which u could see in profile.


ok, so same thing here, i get the email, it has order confirmation and everything, but no actual steam key

i go on their website, same thing, i have my order ID, but there’s no Steam key to be found anywhere, nor a download button

actually, there is a download button, but this is what it leads to:

pressing instructions:


most scuffed giveaway ever :joy:

scammed just for our email addresses :joy:

edit: okay, not sure if coincidence, but when i deactivated ublock and adblock plus and refreshed the page, this appeared:


activated and downloading :man_shrugging:

ty Bandai Namco :thinking:


Maybe it took time to load lol
Unless they r storing something in cookies or that


alright, so i already own it, figured i’d track and grab it “as a spare”/just for someone who wants it, in an attempt to see if i could log in :thinking:

turns out, i remembered my acc, and password, and got the key, all in 1 go :no_mouth::dizzy_face:


I do want it, and they never sent me any email, I’ve tried everything :eyes:


Haven’t got mine either. But I have someone in mind for it. Already promised this morn since @M00got his , if I get it.


PM sent


Thank you very much :sparkles::dizzy::sparkles:


I have a key up for grabs as well if anyone cant get one through giveaway :slight_smile:


Considering the NA giveaway claims it will email us (maybe) in a couple of weeks with our keys, it’ll be awhile before some of us even know. Regardless, very nice of you!


We can ‘trade’ :slight_smile: i can send you a key now and you can send me yours later . If you dont get one it’s perfectly okey and if you will find someone to gift yours it’s also fine. What do ya say?


Hard to say no to that… I will happily give you my key if it ever arrives. I’d say hold off for the weekend in case someone really deserving stops by and asks for it. If you don’t hear anything for a bit, I’d be happy to play it. Thanks!