Free Steam Key for Ticket to Ride

Plus you can enter a draw for Ticket to Ride …Europe…
It’s near the middle of the page…

P.S. Does this make No.9?


alrighty; how/where did you even find this one?!? :head_bandage:
the draw isn’t even announced on their own steam page or even the forum lol
-you’re just whipping them up from under the couch cushions like lose change, aren’t you? :smile_cat:

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I am magic…and Minbari don’t lie…

Actually i have some great RSS feeds and emails that just bring them to me…all I have to do is wait…

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Ticket to Ride is a pretty fun game. Though the digital implementation has a few shortcomings and annoyances, one among them being it’s a very noisy game. If you end up picking it up and want to play some time let me know.

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