FREE Sketch Fan Pro - My Art Pad for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch **CLOSED*

Normally 8.99US. Not sure when it expires!!!

Whereas painting is not only drawing, it also powerfully to edit image. It can bring life photographs with artistic. When you understand it thoroughly, you couldn’t part with it. It will become more and more powerful, as it is still progress.
If you find any questions or suggestions, please feedback us by email

Art life, creativity, leaving beauty at around, recording moments, depicting the future.


  • Over 80 fine brushes
  • Breakthrough watercolor brushes
  • Smear tools
  • Ruler auxiliary tools
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • Advanced layers system
  • Sketching, Ink Painting and other image processing
  • 64x magnification, high precision grid display.

Heads up to @Vindace, @GDBringer, @lonin, @dusty, @Danacscott, @eliaviaene and @Buzzyboii.

I hope this is a good one…I don’t have anything Mac…


Sounds good - for free it can’t hurt to at least try it out. Now I have a phone that can actually run stuff. O_O Bestie :heart:


Hey hey! Very cool - am getting into art right now. Using Ibis Paint X (although I prefer paper a bit more)

Thanks for the @ as always, deleen :heavy_heart_exclamation: