Free Rogue Starter Pack @ Epic


Thanks. :smiley:

EGS is the place where I go to click place order for 0.00 and get a note right back in my face that says “Thank you.”

But anyway, at least I have made some purchases on that store before, so it’s not just an entire library of free games for me.


@YQMaoski All I have in my EG account that I’ve paid for is Satisfactory and Dangerous driving. Everything else has been free and I’ve enjoyed lots of titles because of that. In fact I have too many titles to catch up on, same with steam, can never find the time.


Yeah I just have ancestors and odyssey out of the paid games.


I haven’t purchased many either, mostly the games there I have obtained for free as well.

I have purchased The Walking Dead: Definitive Series, Division 2, Vampyr, What the Golf, and Untitled Goose Game. A few of those might eventually pop up on my Steam library, once they either go into a bundle or for the right price in the future I guess.


It is SO cute! The colour palette is just nice and calming. Watch an entire let’s play, very funny game. ^^

Purchased Hades and Ashen last year, but EGS gave some very nice free ones like Ruiner and Samurai Showdown too. They have at least 2 nice titles on the way.

Have you ever considered Sinking City. It seems interesting gameplay wise. Unusual though not in the Death Stranding kind of way. Norman Reedus ftw and yeah… lack of sleep showing, lol