Free Pinball FX3 - Carnivals and Legends(DLC) @Steam Until December 19th!

This content requires the base game Pinball FX3 FREE on Steam in order to play.
Pinball FX3

Download Pinball FX3 - Carnivals and Legends…To celebrate 10 years of video game pinball excellence, this DLC is free to Pinball FX3 players until December 19th!

Pinball FX3-Carnivals and Legends

I so love pinball. I still play a few in my DOSBox…

No matter what I delete or do…the Steam links JUST. WILL. NOT. WORK. FOR. ME!


This is kind of weird.
I have Pinball FX2 and a selection of tables gained for free and through bundles, but never even knew there was a 3 released. But steam tells me I can’t “buy” the free bundle because I already have all the constituent parts, they’re not in my library though.

Ok still weird, but for another reason. Chose to play FX3 to get it added to my library, looks like all the old FX2 tables I owned got added to FX3, lists owned DLC from 2013 for a game released in 2017.


Pinball FX3 is just a new layout and upgraded tables from FX2, if you own all the tables from FX2 then you will get many of them again for FX3.

What is missing, I am not entirely sure as I stopped buying the tables when I changed platforms but I do know that South Park has licensing issues, Ms. Splosion Man is also absent, so they are not currently available and all those football(soccer) tables are not there in the FX3 update. This is an issue as those who had FX2, can no longer access those tables that they bought, as there is no longer a Pinball FX2.

I have FX3 and thought about sharing this info but I presumed no one really cared about Pinball tables anymore, I was clearly wrong. Zen makes the best tables as far as I am concerned but they are also quite expensive if you want them all.

you can still play FX2, you just can’t download it anymore if you never downloaded it before. if you search for pinball in your library you’ll have FX2 right next to FX3

Okay, I just saw people complaining that they couldn’t access their previous tables from FX2 anymore if they were not in FX3.

I stand corrected.