[Free PC Games] More DRM-Free Games from Zoom Platform

Zoom Platform

They brought a few more DRM-free freebies with them. Again, all you’ll need to do is to register yourself and add them all to your account:

Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport | Pharaoh’s Tomb | Dark Ages | Arctic Adventure | Alien Carnage & Halloween Harry | Major Stryker

The games below are still free:

Once you register for an account, just scroll a little more than 1/2 of the way down the main page and there is a heading:

FREE GAMES! Pick a game, add it to your account and play it. No costs, no hassle and no DRM.

from here you can add the following games to your account for free:

Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport, Pharaoh’s Tomb, Dark Ages, Arctic Adventure, Alien Carnage - Halloween Harry, Major Stryker

Here are links to the other free games:

Bio Menace: Zoom Platform - Bio Menace

Death Rally: Zoom Platform - Death Rally

Monuments of Mars: Zoom Platform - Monuments of Mars

POSTAL: Classic and Uncut: Zoom Platform - POSTAL: Classic and Uncut

Shadow Warrior: Classic and Complete: Zoom Platform - Shadow Warrior: Classic and Complete

StarGunner: Zoom Platform - StarGunner

Warzone 2100: Zoom Platform - Warzone 2100

I have no idea how long these games will be free, I got a few other games free yesterday that are no longer free today.


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Latest links lest you’re lazy: :wink:


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