Free Orwell First Season Key- First Come First Serve



Thanks for being generous Narrows, I already have the game. But I hope whoever takes the gave gives some appreciation!

By the way in the future, you may want to mask the key or just mention that you have it, and someone can ask you for it, instead of just posting the key there.

That way you don’t run the risk of someone nabbing the key and nobody knows.

If someone replies and you want to send them a message, you just click on their name and click the Message icon, that starts a private conversation thread.


I got it, just so you know, wasn’t intending on actually getting it, just curious if it was still valid forgetting Steam would just activate it right away, so thanks for the game now.

@YQMaoski is right thou, not just for this forum but anywhere, bots are always around, not to mention people who would just take the key and sell it, so is always good to keep keys under a layer of protection.