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FREE on Uplay Store - Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China


I thought for some reason there were some other ones. A quick search only turns up a Nintendo DS version that is different.


Oh, I played those two as well, there’s a reason why I didn’t remember them :smirk:


I haven’t yet. I want to try figuring out what’s wrong first. This could be on ubisoft’s end potentially. Or I ended up missing the code or something. But, I appreciate it still. Because if it is on their end, they should fix it since I may not be the only one that is having this issue. I’ll see what happens. Thanks @kovec! :grin:


You know that this is a time-limited offer, right? You only have until Feb 05 to claim it.


Yeah I know. If it comes down to it then I’ll use the workaround or just go through with paypal. They may as well at least know that I’m having an issue.


I’m weird with how I do things :sweat_smile:


since my Uplay client seem to have changed, and it no longer lists their freebies direct there :thinking: (even tho the page even claim so :face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_shrugging:) i used this link
only had to click the "PC"icon fill in my email/pass to get it log in my acc and it was automatically added to my Ubi acc, no need for other stuff, worked like a charm easy peasy