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Don’t forget to link a BANDAI NAMCO account to Twitch account to score a free digital copy of NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER for PC via Steam when watching the PLAY ANIME® LIVE stream!


don’t have a twitch account, nor a bandai namco account, too lazy to make either. Thanks though.


I did it, but not sure where the live stream is? That link takes me to a splash screen all in Spanish.


But when is that stream?

Edit : Nevermind, I found it.
July 22nd 4:00 PM PDT

So it’s in like next hour if I converted it correctly lol.


Should start soon. On Twitch or Youtube?

Also hope this doesn’t go like the UPlay one the other day.


It’ll be handled entirely via twitch, so no ubilike failures should be expected.

The issue I have right now, is that I can’t find their channel (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America) or this stream (PLAY ANIME LIVE) on twitch.
EDIT: forget that, they just went live^^ >>


Think that one is it.

Play Anime Live


lol, Lil Wayne and Pitbull are presenting this streamxD


Dude, I don’t know who they are… but presenting they be doing. I got a notice saying I got a drop. Dunno, since my Steam wasn’t link to Twitch. I just linked Steam, so er… confused.


The lady presenter just said that the key will be delivered via email after the stream ends.


The VIP thing - I don’t see a link anywhere “below”


You can sign up here:

To bad I can’t apply from outside of US. Bet this box is full of lovely anime waifus…


Listen to this glorious music in their Captain Tsubasa trailer :star_struck:

Bonus - top comment:
Tsubasa: "Play points are earned by playing the game, not via in-game purchases."
Fifa and Pes: “Wait, that’s illegal!”


Yes. I keep landing there, so I found a red envelope somewhere on that page and guess I’m subscribed now

Yup: That music is Epic. ^^


I bet you really caught the spirit of it right there :laughing:


Thanks for the link, but the stream was really short. Still had a huge viewing.


Yea, the stream just felt like most other JP stuff — niche and fan-based. Not like some AAA but still of quality (comparing to Ubi :laughing:)


This stream would have been worth watching even for Captain Tsubasa alone.
Thank you, @pegasusz!


It worked! I just got the key! :star_struck:


So did I! Can’t wait to see how many traders are gonna put it up >.< Claimed mine. Not a Naruto fan, but it’s a fighting game with ninjas. I’m not mad at that.