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About this Bundle

It’s time to unite through the power of music!

To honor amateur and professional musicians alike on World Music Day, we’re giving you the chance to experience the works of Andrey Sitkov & Q Up Arts with a collection of loops and beats to use in your projects - absolutely FREE!

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This bundle is sold as a royalty-free package with a license that allows the customer to use the content that they then create, in commercial or private projects as below:

A Licence grants to the Buyer non-exclusive and non-transferable lifetime worldwide rights to use music assets in multimedia projects like online videos (also YouTube), websites, animations, games, films, etc.

  1. Purchasers can use assets in their own personal use and commercial projects.

  2. A Licence does not allow the Buyer to:

I) claim seller’s music as own;

II) register and sell music in any store/platform;

III) redistribute and sublicense music assets other than as part of the relevant project.

Number of users or devices supported: 1 user. Allows for multiple installations as long as the different machines belong to the same user.

World Music Day Free


Dark Fantasy

Royalty Free Music

Mega-Music Collection 2
And here’s an older thread about free OSTs…

Heads up for @mediiiiiiii :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I like OST’s too. Looking for the Memoria Soundtrack for a while now, myrr.

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