Free mount for battlerite, be quick, keys will run out. Also get topped up at later dates.

P.S. If you don’t play this, can still get key for possible future play.

P.P.S. If tempted, warning, check out the EULA, T&S & Privacy junk. It also hides more once you install & try to load the game.

Enjoy(?) :wink:


Ah, well… hmn, never mind then. Thanks for the heads up.


remember when games were games, and didn’t come with disclaimers, “oh yea, there might be this and that thing, don’t worry, we pretty sure it’s not really malware, -probably…” ?:roll_eyes:

soon you can’t even buy any got damn mouse or keyboard without spyware or telemetry tracking
-oh well, time to roll out the ball mouse and ps2 keyboard :confounded:


Wait. Actually?
The EULA/Privacy Policy problems were the main reason for me not buying into access 9 months ago, what’s their excuse for still being there lmao?


Darn tootin’!

I think if any firm does something like this, they should be giving the game away seeing as they can (& do) sell on our data.

Lucius Demake at least had an option to turn off “anonymous data collection”.

DOOM(2016) didn’t show me all of this until I installed & loaded & even then, I couldn’t get them to open…

And then there’s EA…

“EA collects data about how players use our products/services for their operation and improvement, to tailor communications and to enhance the player experience. If you disable such collection, EA will only collect data reasonably to operate our products/services.

aka, you can turn off daya collection, but we’re still going to go ahead & collect data.

Oh, & this game that this thing was in…? Nope, not an mmo, not an online pvp game. Not even a single player game that required always online.

It was Unravel, a single player platformer.

P.S. It also had denuvo installed, something which their site kept to itself.


On my review is what I asked them on twitter/steam/reddit. Only got a reply on reddit.

They’re excuse for it not being on front store page was "The EULA and the Privacy Policy are two different things and have been split up for clarity, rather than have the
Privacy Policy being a bit more hidden in the EULA. It’s something we’ve done to follow EU rules. As for which Privacy
Policy is the current one I’m fairly certain it is the one that can be found in game. The one found on the website is
most likely, by accident, an older version. I will look into it some more."

Lame excuse really.


That’s actually such bull that it’s almost funny lmao, guess they’re able to give replies like that when there’s only 3 or so posts about it.


Ah, you mean like Razer mice/keyboards/headsets etc?
Where their software has T&C etc & from what I recall, you can’t use all settings without it installed.
Also, I have a Razer HEX mouse, really good (it’s been parked on mantelpiece for couple of years lol) & the software back then meant you had to be online for it to work properly. For a mouse… failol.

No idea if that’s changed or not since then, I went to Logitech & never looked back :smiley:

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A fair few on steam did mention it in a few threads, the threads got combined & ignored :frowning:

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