FREE Minion Masters for discord including VIP access

If you have Minion Masters…

Grab your free discord key:

it gives you exclusive access to the vip section of discords new game libary.

1000 Special keys. So hurry up

It’s still in the Coin shop too…

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the library. I know it’s new…so it is probably a good idea to have access to it in the future… Maybe @KSib knows something???


Discord seems to be selling games now and it also looks like if you have Nitro you also have access to free games. Pretty sweet.

To redeem a code (if the instructions aren’t clear):

  1. Make sure discord is fully updated
  2. Click the user settings cog at the bottom of discord
  3. Click “Billing” (about 5 items down)
  4. Scroll down and enter the code and hit [Redeem]

To access your library:

  1. Click that discord “Home” button on the top-left of the app
  2. Click Library. You can install/launch games from there.