Free Limited Time Humble Keys Show Already Used!

Last night I send someone a key for the Tiny Bang Story and it seems to have been used. I know I got it when Humble was offering it free for a “limited Time”. So In case anyone else has keys for it or any of those type of keys…the possibility that they are good to use is now 50/50 or less.:disappointed:


Maybe would be best to contact customer support if u still have the “receipt” and all. :satellite:
Bummer tho, trying to gift something and get that thrown at you… sucks dude.
Doubting if u can “like” this post :sweat_smile:



Customer service won’;t help. When I got the key, It was to be used before a time Humble set or it would disappear. I already had the game so I “saved” the key. So Humble did what they said they would.

I was just letting others know…their keys may not work …

Now I am gone to physiotherapy…Laters all…


To try and help out I will list games that expire on Humble B…All the freebie’s basically. If yu paid couple bucks then longer to activate. Sins of a solar empiee as well as:

the 2 lego

Glass masquerade
Warhammer space Marine