FREE games on GOG if you have them on Steam!!! (1 DAY LEFT!)

I was gonna post this in the GOG 2017 Summer Sale but maybe someone has no spending cash at the moment and so doesn’t see a point in checking out a sale topic.

It’s all very simple, you just need to connect your Steam account to your GOG account and if you have some of the 41 games currently on GOG Connect in your Steam library you will get them instantly on GOG for free.

There’s instructions at the top of the page and a neat FAQ at the bottom which should answer any questions you might have(for example, i just realized through the FAQ that you can deselect a game if you don’t want it on GOG but why would you do that? :slight_smile: ).

The current promo lasts for 3 more days and check back periodically for new games on there if you want or you can rely on the wonderful people here to keep you informed.

Also note that there’s a free game on GOG as well at the moment (click the topic name below and that will take you to the comment which has the clickable you’re looking for):


imo all people that like games should be on GOG, even without GOG Connect (which do sweeten the pot) but simply because they offer you good old games you can’t get (legit) anywhere else sometimes
and DRM free too, when is that not lovely, take your games with you and play when and wherever, no need to install clients or anything if going to the desert or forest
depending on localization sometimes their games are even cheaper than Steam/other places
and oh yea, they often give free games to your account
GOG Galaxy client isn’t even mandatory at all, but just makes it easier and simpler too to handle everything, = more beneficial to the customer (even if Galaxy doesn’t provide as many features as Steam, yet)

In short, you like games? why aren’t you on GOG yet meng?, Steam doesn’t have everything


Yeah. GOG is gaining momentum i think and it should considering it’s business model, things just take time especially when Steam is the undisputed behemoth at the moment. These GOG Connect offers def. help guys like me with big steam libraries and it’s def. easing me up to buy on GOG in the future.


I haven’t actively used gog as much as I should, but hey I got 20 games from this… it’s a nice start.


my GOG library dwindles compared to my Steam, but i do check it 2-3x a week for deals despite it
if a game is only on GOG i have no issue buying it unlike “i want unified library”-people, for me it’s about the game, it comes first, so i like it, i buy it
that being said, for the majority of new games i do use steam mostly, unless GOG has a better deal, (because money talks vs unified library/drm ethics)
but for any older game, even if it’s on Steam, or any game with pesky DRM, you bet i use GOG instead,
(steam lets you do all the work to jump through hoops if a game has old timey support/DRM that is obsolete, GOG don’t have those issues nor “only 3 installs” limit)
and tbh, i would prefer if Humble gave GOG codes now (instead of steam) for the games in a bundle that comes with the DRM free option (just to at least unify my drm-free library so i dont have to use even more platforms lol)
much easier to “offline” games with GOG than Steam, so should be preferred even more if living in areas with bad/unstable connections, since you only need to download installer once, and never ever need to do client check-ins.
Burn game/installer on disc (legally), it’s yours drm-free forever, to play where whenever you like


I strongly support GOG and DRM-free games as a whole, since I’ve got half of my library taken from my console account.
One day, without any warning, exactly half of my games and gamerscore where gone, disappeared from my account. I later find out via customer service that the enforcement department restricted my account due to suspicious behaviors.
Four days later, my games and gamerscore were restored.
To this day, I still don’t know the reasoning behind that disciplinary action. But it happened, and this accident opened my eyes towards DRM-free games, when I realized that I don’t own any of the games that I’ve bought.


Yep. I read somewhere a long time ago Steam supposedly has measures in place so you can keep your games even if they miraculously go under, but how much are you really gonna trust them? And it’s not just steam but games, even single player ones, needing to be online for silly reasons.


i can’t remember myself reading it only hearing the supposed “rumour” of it
my main reason for lack of concern is their whole “too big to fail” at least in my lifetime, “subject to change” is ofc a whole other matter
which not only would likely apply if the “fail” happen, but already does, steam has already perma removed games from peoples library, not just removed from store, so they aren’t devoid of messing with “our” stuff as it already stand, even if good cause or not, (supposedly a game couldn’t be played at all)
we don’t “own” anything we bought on Steam, now or ever, they made that abundantly clear, even if they do “want” to provide us with a good a service they can within the realm of “their” possibilities and guidelines, even if in case they buckle,
we don’t “own” anything, so they don’t “owe” us anything, thus best not to rely on them, even with “promises” that might be true


GOG also has that fair price policy wich sweetens the deal, especially for EU, UK and australian residents.

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I’d like to challenge this semi-myth. This is not true for anyone in the EU, consumer protection laws here have decided that digital licenses are treated just as any other purchased product and the buyer retain every right they would have if it was a physical item. Steam can not deny you access to a title you have purchased and they can not prevent you from reselling it if you so desire. Of course they don’t have to help you do it or necessarily make it easy, but technically you have the right to.

For example I still have Nekro in my steam list. Early access game that just failed and never got completed. It doesn’t have a store page anymore, is where it’s supposed to be.
But I can still install the last version that was available on steam’s servers. I bought the game, steam can’t deny me access to it, as long as they demand that I go through their service to do so.


trust me, those consumer protection laws means diddly squat in actuality and application the real world, because of how things can be “subject to change”, and other stuff,
just like people assumed that just because in the Eu steam automatically, had to do refunds, even tho EU stipulates no such thing with digital goods used only that you have a 2weeks buyers remorse as long as unused and still doesn’t apply in all countries in EU either etc etc, in Denmark for instance there is no such policy or law on digital goods once delivered, and many stores take plenty advantage of this right of “theirs”

also, this shit went down, even on EU user accounts
it’s hard to find the other examples (i know there was at least 1 more) since every search now gets buried in results of appraisal over steam now allowing people to remove games from account (voluntarily), such as f2p and betas etc
same stuff with Playstation and Microsoft, they might provide with a service, but they retain ALL the rights still, and unless living in a specific country with certain strong laws, they wont do anything (and likely still make you jump through tons of hoops, or so i’ve heard from Aussie users)

yep, already (if but vaguely) mentioned that
it’s one of the things i truly love about GOG, the fact they DON’T do the whole 1$=1€ BS, which can freakin add up a ton in the long run
and they are even more generous with my local currency making it much more attractive, sometimes a game that is 70% off, turns out to be 5% more cheaper still, made some great deals that way too on GOG, i truly appreciate their extremely fair pricing models, because it’s just greedy to equate 1 to teh other, even if they might be “close”, and even worse for others at times i’m sure

As with any right you only get it as long a you defend it and challenge anyone who tries to deny it. If someone went to the EU courts with that Squenix game then they would find in their favor and either ask Squenix to reinstate the software access to the afflicted users or some sort of compensation.

They don’t have to keep running a server or a service in perpetuity however. If your game is an multiplayer only title running on your company servers then once you stop running the servers the game becomes essentially unplayable. That’s obviously a problem as well and something that is worth fighting against not just for costumer protection but from an art conservation viewpoint as well.

I have personally been afflicted by such a thing as well in Section 8: prejudice. Really liked that game but once Games for windows live (curse it’s name) died so did the game. Still in my steam library though.

Anyway, the point being your rights can be trampled all over as long as you don’t stand up for them. But they are still rights you hold and you can get the law to back you against the corporations still… for a little while longer, probably, hopefully.

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problem with that, albeit correct, is that would take part in the real world applications i mentioned
taking square enix to court, just to get reinstated those “technical” pre-existing rights, just to be able to find a user work around ofc to then benefit from it, would for most if not all “people” be utterly insurmountable an affair, thus making it the same as not being
because even if the court would find in plaintiffs favour, (assuming with their means they still wont be able to overturn or find/create loopholes or new precedence), then it would be such a costly an affair to undertake, since you would in noway be able to just show up on day1 and get a summary judgment since there would be no proforma about the preceding, even when rights is already established,
they can, and do fight this, around teh world, (can’t rem which of them it was last that got dragged into aussie court for once again violating user consumer rights, prob Sony, or MS), so they are clearly willing to fight it,
but since most people would have to take it on themselves since most places don’t have the same type of state prosecutor filling the case for you, for whatever reasons, it’s all but unwinnable and futile, and that’ what they count on, giving up before trying, because not worth the effort, and thats before the 3page ass covering TOS, eulas with only minor enforceable paragraphs and whatnots that still make it juuuust valid enough to be worthwhile for them to make case of since it gives the possibility of a win still.

Steam might be in somewhat bigger trouble if they denied us the rights as is and while still operating, even if not impossible, but, if they one day do fail, it changes the game even more, making it even more obvious we truly don’t “own” anything on steam
because who is gonna make a 10k+ legal battle over a 60€ game?
even if they remove it once, twice or how even many more times it might happen, even with rights, it’s just not a “given” thus not as easy, and quite daunting, and to some it becomes almost impossible

“rights” is one of the biggest illusions of civilization, because unless a system is in place to automatically enforce it and make sure it goes smoothly and is simple everytime, then it won’t matter to a ton of those the rights where supposed to be enacted for

not saying it would be completely impossible, just close enough, that they can do “anything” they want to us, and our games we own.

hell, already have to fight tooth an nail just to make sure the rights on physical goods is kept and met, because those bastards wanna try skirt around wherever they can, and fight you at every corner just to spite you in the end, even if the law is already cleared up in that area

one example of a local ruling making EU ruling “void” (even if still somehow managing to follow the precedence)

there is a reason they try to push games on us as a service, because the law hasn’t caught up completely everywhere, and the more vague or undefined or “product alterations” they can make, the better for them, because physical goods is still “easy” but digital not as much

but yea, if more stand up for their rights or fight the bigger the chance of changes and laws to catch up too
(sucks when lose tho)

EDIT: Holy crapster, and so so sry for spinning completely our of control and off topic
point is, GOG great, steam not completely safe as some might think, even if “too big to fail” (or taking rights into account too, but that’s for another place i think)

Gonna bump this up now, the current Connect offer ends in a little less than 4 hours at the time of writing so midnight central european time, i guess i should finally go on with it, been like 2 weeks and i notified y’all twice and yet didn’t go though with it myself. :sweat_smile:

Are you sure? Shows a little over 27 hours for me. It should end tomorrow at 22:00 UTC.

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Well i did think there should be more time but the games i can activate are counting down with less than 3 and a half hours remaining.

Strange, try opening the Connect page in private browsing mode, so you’d be unlogged.

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Using incognito on Chrome and i’m logged in, didn’t wanna log out so i checked in private on Mozilla and most games are a little below 27 hours from expiring with War for the Overworld being a little below 42 hours so you’re right. As i said above i did think there should’ve been an extra day.