Free games at Gamesessions - no Steam keys

Did you already hear about Gamesessions ( ?
Its a website where they every month giveaway a game. All you have to do is register at their website, download the recent game, play the game for 5 minutes and the game is yours forever in your Gamesessions libary (not as steam key!!! )

The recent free game is Overlord 2.


From their “About” page:

“Downloading the game is typically three times faster than from anywhere else due to our unique compression technology, whilst the DRM ensures publishers are happy to let us supply gamers with their latest and greatest games for free.”

I can’t tell but it looks like to me a resellers page??? Is it??? Never heard of this site before…

DISCUSS>>> I got to start dinner…I will keep an eye on this thread!


You just need to download one installation file and it installs the game itself. You are ready to play.
They have no sales like other webistes, but have these giveaways every single month.
There were games like:
SpellForce 2 Anniversary Edition
Painkiller Hell & Damnation
Worms Reloaded
Cities In Motion
Game Alert - Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising - this was the last free game before the Overlord 2
I wouldnt definitely compare it to resellers, beacuse they are not sending you some keys but provide you some interface to play some games.
It is also a good way to try some games you consider to buy in the future, because they allow you to play games on their list for 20 minutes (its kinda short, but for people with Low Spec PC is a usefull thing, because they can check if it runs on their comp with acceptable FPS and if they like it.)



OK!..So it has ads, DRM(Re: Launcher/Game Managler :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) But not a reseller…

I was just checking! Thanks, @xist!

And recommend away, @mediiiiiiii Just let people know up front what they may get…:+1:t2:


Thanks for the heads up! I will pass on the ad-supported games, but this is a great way for someone to try out a game they might otherwise be interested in.


I was in for Spellforce 2 until I saw the ad thing. Nope for sure, but this is really cool for people who do not mind. Thank you for sharing! :+1:


I played Ryse via GameSessions. I didn’t want the hassle of a billion Steam achievements for a repetitive game, but for the price of admission it was definitely worth it for me.


For all the snipers out there, Zombie Army Trilogy is free at GameSessions until the 14th of November. Simply play for 5 minutes and you get to keep it, in all its ad supported glory.