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:exploding_head: Goodness, you leave the forum for 9 hours and stuff goes crazy!

Warmest wishes to @BisexualAndroid for doing this.

Just me lurking.


looks at avatar ಠ╭╮ಠ

also, holly molly, your post exploded


Very nice of you to do @BisexualAndroid, not entering as I have too many games to in my library to play, but just wanted to show my appreciation.


:kiwi_fruit: this is very nice of you to do :slight_smile:


Oh my…this will make a fine back tattoo!


:kiwi_fruit: Thanks


In winter sale that would be perfect for everyone thanks :kiwi_fruit::kiwi_fruit::kiwi_fruit:


People still posting kiwis like crazy. Don’t get it.

Thanks for doing this, though! Sharing a quarter of your christmas present is really kind of you. With all that positive karma you can kill someone and get away with it or was that your plan all along?


I found this before Kiwi-chan and planned on using it… till those eyes started boring into my soul…


The winner has not replied since midnight of the drawing, if (s)he doesn’t reply within one hour from now, I am picking a new winner.


Sometimes you may have someone in a different time zone and they may be sleeping. Typically a 24 hour period is a safe buffer after the initial pm is sent. But of course whatever you choose is fine. I just want you to avoid later PMs saying unfair or whatever…


not participating btw, just need to hit my daily shitpost margin


I’m experiencing PM trouble at the mo…just declare my victory out in the open and I’m sure it’ll work out fine. No possible consequences or upset third parties.




I’ve been a member of for a while now, my first post though! Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Well, congrats @Dropper you bastard


this is what I was expecting…


after giveaway props for an awesome username @BisexualAndroid !!!

very generous of you to give a portion of your christmas away :open_mouth:

if it wasn’t systematically impossible I’d give everyone here 1/100th of a ps4 :smiley:


My posts do that sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:
For the record, think that’s my 18th “Nice Reply!” achievement, my badges can buy alcohol and :kiwi_fruit: in Costa Rica now!


Woohoo to celebrate your 18th the next round of :kiwi_fruit:is on me guys! :sunglasses:


I didn’t want to enter because I have an irresponsible backlog anyway (and really I think I would let you down by asking for the jankiest RPGs around) but I just wanted to write that this is an awesome thing you’re doing.

I gotta say, I never really had any kind of cool community like this on such a large scale before, and it’s neat having this many people that are willing to show this kind of generosity towards a community. I think I might need to step up myself sometime :slight_smile: