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Free Freespace 2 on GOG


No idea what this game is but it’s on GOG for free right now.


Noice thanks


Good one, @KittiBear :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s just one if not the best space sim game that was ever made. Came out right at the tail end of their popularity. Still well worth playing, especially if you have a joystick or HOTAS setup.


Oh, sweet, another free game from GOG. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until they do another Connect. Really hope they put Stellaris on there. The last time they did it didn’t work for so many people. Myself included. :sweat_smile:


Agree. I can’t think the last time I got the Connect option. O_o


Got it!

Thank you for letting us know!


AFAIK, FreeSpace was a spinoff of Descent made by several people that left that series’ development studio (Parallax Software) to form their own studio, Volition. Today they’re more known for Red Faction, Saint’s Row, and being under the oppressive regime of Deep Silver.



I guess


Is now finally


Haha illgetthedoor


This paidspace was made possible through the generous help of NordVPN…


It’s a good thing it’s only a 1.4 GB download so I have plenty of FreeSpace 2 download it.



it’s allll downhill from here… cackles


thanks for the heads up