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Steam keys are being given away by the dev here:

For some reason the game’s Steam page link doesn’t expand here:


Also guys, there’s this when you submit your form:

“Thanks for your request. We’ll send you an email in 24-48 hours with your key!”


True, the info is there before the submission as well:

AFAIK this is a one man operation and the dev is dealing those keys by hand.


Just like Legrand Legacy, what a champion! T_T


Hey everyone, so I am as you know desperately trying to get an answer from Steam regarding approval for these additional 110,000 keys we need and am still hopeful however to be fair to Steam this is not a typical request so it is obviously going through the different channels. However I did have a thought for a potential alternative option should for any reason Steam decline my request and I just wanted to get everyone honest opinion on whether you think this is an acceptable alternative or not. Just give it a thumbs up or down.
If Steam decline the request for more keys then the most the platform allows me to discount the game is 90% which would make the game about $1 NZD what do you guys think of that as an option (only if needed) that I email everyone that has not got their key yet and let you know In advance when I am going to drop the price for a set period and then everyone could get it for a dollar NZD
What ever money comes in from that would then go straight back into further development of the game anyway so could be a win win for all. Just a thought and my first preferred option is to get the additional keys from Steam and just send them out as first intended but I am freaking out a little bit now due to how long this has taken and I don’t wont anyone thinking it was a scam. Let us know your thoughts (thumb up or down)



I dunno why they didnt jus make it first come first serve


Man, giveaways are the tough, no? I guess having it price at $1 isn’t bad… but hm.


Welp, they had to stop it. They got overwhelmed in 48 hours.


Hey everyone, so I have just been speaking with Steam and although they are unable to privide me with 110,000 additional keys what they are going to do for me is to allow me to discount the game so that it is FREE for a set period. I am thinking of setting that period for Sat / Sun and Monday to give people enough time to get it. I will need to send out an updated email to all 110,000 people which I will do tonight but wanted to let you guys know since you have been following so closely. What does everyone think of that?

Nice move, but should have been done this way from the start.:smirk:


Hi @everyone so officiialy we have found a solution and as mentioned above it was not possible for Steam to release another 110,000 keys to us however they have kindly allowed us to discount our game to FREE for this SAT / SUN and Monday coming. I will be sending out an email to all 110,000 people that have not yet got their keys to advise them of this and I can not thank you all enough for your patience and understanding while we worked through this. How would have thought that a single post would suddenly drive 120,000 new players and we have been as eager as the rest of you to get your keys out so we can start seeing all these new strategists coming though. So Awesome and welcome to the family everyone

Not sure if you are still hyped for this, but the VR DLC will be free as well.:wink:


I’m definitely still hype! I’ll look it for it during the upcoming weekend. Guess I should double check my Junk mail folder just in case as well.


Looks like this is really going free on steam tomorrow. So anyone who missed or didn’t want to bother with discord shenanigans will have their chance.


bounce bounce I’m doing that a lot today. Happy squirrel =^_^=


It already started.

Four Kings One War - Hyperlink

Free to keep when you get it before 19 May @ 10:00am.


I see 12 friends who grabbed this game but only 4 who also took the VR DLC for it. Might as well do that even if you don’t have a set up at the moment.


I didn’t see the free VR option until today - thought they had changed that, so yup, I grabbed it. I love the idea of VR… someday, it’s something I really want to experience.