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Free: Enter the Gungeon (via EGS)




Aw, I really want Enter the Gungeon, but it’s EGS so unfortunately I’ll have to pass…


didn’t spend much time on my steam wishlist, thank you epic.


I already own it and also screw epic games.


This is definitely a must-play for people who like bullet-hell games, especially if you enjoy roguelites, one of the best in both of these categories.


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rofl. once i felt almost as strongly about steam. now idc.
you gain nothing… but your choice obviously

me? ill just enjoy the game, was looking to get my hands on it sooner or later…


While I am also not on board the hate Epic train, I would still say you get more with Steam. Yeah lots of features are outdated, wonky, and some even useless, there are many that are pretty great. A lot of hate against Epic is exaggerated and some downright lies but they do have lots of work to do. I would also love to see them stop with exclusives after they build their store up a bit, lots of hate would go away and truly add to competition. Still if a game is cheap enough or even free on Epic, I say go for it :slight_smile: For now I am just enjoying my PC xbox game pass with most Epic exclusives on it as I don’t have any loyalty to any specific store front/launcher, they all have their positives and negatives.