[ FREE ] [ Endless Space Collection + Disharmony DLC ] [ Steam ]

Go to https://www.games2gether.com/ sign up and link your Steam account to get the gifts.


As nice as all these freebies are I feel I have got to tell you these topics are so damn ugly, think you could quit it with the brackets?
Also I feel like saying it’s on steam is a little misleading as every single one of these has been some more or less weird 3rd party site requiring all sorts of hoops jumped through. If they’re not free on steam I’d prefer you tell us what sites are involved instead rather than that they’re eventually steam keys, thanks.

I’d suggest “Endless space steam key free from games2gether.com” or something like that.


@Fraggles I feel you, I had those dilemmas when deciding on how to format the titles. Now here’s why it’s the way it is right now:

The ugly brackets is the only thing that makes the title stand out on the Latest page. In case of many giveaways mere minutes in reaction time can be the difference between getting a key and not getting a key.

The info I want to see at the first glance is the platform I’m getting the game on, not the supplier. You get the info about the supplier, retrieval procedure and delivery method within the post itself. Cramming titles with possibly unfamiliar portal names obfuscates the headline.

If you believe the majority of chrono.gg’s community feels the way you do, make a poll with a significant sample size, so we can carry on based on a consensus.


Happily, I had claimed these before. It’s good to see them being offered again. Thanks for the diligent posts @SeekerSupreme ^^


One thing I don’t understand, by the way, is why those posts are not listed in the “free-games” and “free” tags (, and, therefore, do not appear in the associated feeds (…


Coz I wasn’t aware of those:D


Cool, thanks for the change !


Yeah I don’t like these brackets either tbh ;p.
I already have these games luckily
The free in brackets thing confuses me more cuz there are so many topics that look the same to me I don’t know which ones which takes me a few seconds


See clarity is the opposite of what you have achieved here, with your topics being so numerous the effect is a muddy uniformity that makes one topic unremarkable to the next.

But that brings me to another point, there was a good reason we decided to congregate frequent giveaways to single threads like the thread. So if you imagine you will keep doing this with sustained frequency I would strongly recommend you set yourself up a single thread which you can update continuously. The ugly mess was only one side of the problem another is that you’re pushing out all the other social engagement we have going on here, although at a lower rate. I’m sure @delenn13 would be absolutely besides herself with excitement at helping you coalesce everything into a more compact format.

You want a poll? Sure here, have a poll.

  • Cease this oafishness at once, you have greatly offended my sense of aesthetics!
  • [ NO ] [ IN ] [ FACT ] [ I ] [ THINK ] [ ALL ] [ TOPICS ] [SHOULD ] [ BE ] [ WRITTEN ] [ LIKE ] [ THIS ] [FROM ] [ NOW ] [ ON ]
  • Mark of the Ninja

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The brackets remind me of all the scams and used car dealer BS on Craigslist. Next thing I know I’m going to be seeing [SUPER CLEAN] frigging everywhere.


Mark of the Ninja has my vote. I don’t mind the brackets one way or the other. shrug


The title formatting is awful, bad enough that I couldn’t vote MotN!
What is the world coming to?!


Yep…I can’t decide whether doing that or going shopping during this pandemic is more fun.

Personally, I find the FREE part redundant since it’s in the “Giveaway” category. then use an @ to show where it comes from…

I an still trying to figure out whether we should allow “gamehag” entries. Aren’t they a “grey area” site?


Isn’t greenmangaming too?


No GMG has always been legit as far as I’m aware. I have no idea about gamehag or most of the sites that has been posted recently. It’s not up to me to decide what should be allowed however so that’s not legwork I care to do. But usually a quick indicator is whether they’re featured on ITAD or not.


I guess they weren’t always though, which is why i was asking cuz i’ve read they still sell grey area stuff as of now.

I guess that all got cleared up or something. I rly dont know anything about it, but since i had read that i thought i’d stay away. But that’s why i was kinda surprised someone mentioned a deal from there a while ago here.

I guess I’ll have to try and buy something from there to see if it works for me then, they have crazy deals there now and then.


Use Japanese corner brackets 「」
Far superior than western brackets

weebs out


I demand equal representation of all brackets!


That was an interesting read. I know GMG started out with the idea that people should be allowed to resell their games. As far as I remember they would allow you to sell any game you owned through them to anyone else on the site. Back then they did not trade in steam keys yet but had their own distribution. At least I do not think you could bring outside keys into GMG to resell.

As steam grew and almost no one else distributes digital games elsewhere I also imagine GMG had a hard time scoring publishing deals so it didn’t work out and a year or two down the line they changed things around, again not sure on the details as I was not paying too much attention. This was well before the scourge of grey key reselling sites had started so it wasn’t something people were concerned about.

So yeah, I don’t know but since they seem to be in the good graces of GameDeals and ITAD at the moment I think they’re at least mostly alright.


In case it is still undecided.

As mentioned, GeekInUndies keeps the Indiegala topic updated pretty often. And if the website source of the give-a-way is the problem. Perhaps one topic per website?


  • Witchhag Give-a-ways
  • Alienware Give-a-ways
  • Games2gether Giveaways
  • etc.

These websites seem to be what would consistently do give-a-ways. Of course, free games from the developer websites only need a one time created topic.

Also, if you wish to avoid a specific website, you can ignore the topic with the website’s name in it and still not miss give-a-ways on other websites. And of course new give-a-way topics can be merged if they belong to the specific website.

Though, I think @delenn13 should create the posts so that they can be aesthetically pleasing. :smile: