Free eBooks - Alastair Stone Chronicles Books 1-4 by R. L. King

The Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set collects the first four magic-and-mayhem-packed full length novels of this Amazon bestselling urban fantasy series in one place for one great price. You get:

Stone and a Hard Place (Book 1)
The Forgotten (Book 2)
The Threshold (Book 3)
The Source (Book 4)

Over 1,800 pages


oh eww, you just borrow it with a 2-month free trial of Kindle Unlimited. Be sure to cancel your free trial before May 19th (or 2 months from the day you activate the trial) here at - left hand side select “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”


Then again, for those who need reading material free for 2 months… have at it. I personally will not have time :confused: