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@ARS85 I linked in a comment from her from an other thread. Hopefully this is helpful.

(but i still want to see that Elmo pic nonetheless)



I have been S U M M O N E D

Yeah definitely follow Nick’s link to my comment on the other thread.

As for tradability: it’s great. My eyes hurt much less than when I had to sit close to a lamp to read a book before going to bed. You can dim the light according to your taste and change font sizes and spacing.

Just remember that the cheapest kindle doesn’t have a built in light. That’s only from paperwhite onwards!


Just to throw in my two cents - as much as I hate vendor lock-in (and sounding like a vendor shill), I would highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite to anyone who just wants a device for reading, with little to no other distractions. The screen is great in almost any light, the battery life is phenomenal, and it doesn’t have a ton of other features to suck the time away from your reading. The only down-side to trying to use one is that you’re pretty much locked in to using Amazon’s book format, but that can be alleviated with the aforementioned Calibre and a little elbow grease on the user’s part. I’ve had my Paperwhite for several years now, and I still use it almost daily.


lol, nice summoning gif! A few chuckles from that one ;p

Thank you all for your input. I did some research last night and I was leaning towards the Kindle Paperwhite. You all have pushed me over the edge and now I must have a Paperwhite… even the tiniest bit of doubt I had has been flushed to the past.

Again, thank you all for your valuable input and time - Mucho Appreciated! I am about to become an eReader!! :smiley: