Free Digital Games: The Final Station (Xbox One), Joy Ride Turbo (Xbox 360) -Xbox Live Gold, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (Xbox One)

Since I am in Canada and I don’t have Win10, The Microsoft Store is not working for me. It is showing Station and Sherlock at FULL price but Joy Ride is showing free. I am thinking this is ONLY US for the MS Store.

Can anyone verify this?

The Final Station (Xbox One) Free
Now through December 15

Joy Ride Turbo (Xbox 360/Xbox One) Free
Now through November 30

Still Available:
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (Xbox One) Free
Now through November 30


I saw them via my Pass, and it seemed like you only get to keep them via your Gold subscription.


Only one saying free for me, but with the Gold sub.


For me too (Joy Ride Turbo).


These are part of the Games with Gold program, you either need a Gold subscription or a Game Pass Ultimate(emphasis in ultimate, it includes gold) subscription for you to be able to get them or even see the free price, the promotion is global, I can verify this, since I got them.

After you claim them, the ones for XBox One, you’ll need to have either subscriptions to keep on playing them, you can interrupt your subscriptions thou.

The ones for XBox 360 or Classic can be played regardless of your status, once you have them you keep them for good.

34th Edit: for Last Station & Sherlock, there should be a separate button that says Get, but it will only be there if you have Gold.