FREE copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and a FREE card keg for GWENT @ GOG as a GWENT Welcome bonus

That will work. If their name is different on Steam(which some are…:crazy_face:), I have been doing what @Fraggles suggested…Add their nick from here as a “Nickname”…So both names show. :smiley:


I purchased it a while ago on steam and I also have it on GOG but never had the friends opportunity to play it. So I’d gladly join if any of you need another player :slight_smile:

edit: my GOG profile is VandemDren


I better get good at it if I’m gonna play with people!

edit: I’ll leave my GOG profile here too. GanbaRANGER's profile on :slight_smile:


I just merged mine into yours.

I did it backwards…but i am trying to cook dinner here…LOL…


Thanks. Gotta search for similar topics next time.

Yeah your the one who should get the credit not me. So if you want to merge it the other way go ahead when you can.

I need a little help troubleshooting this.

I went to and downloaded the card game GWENT that @delenn13 linked. I didn’t install it because I want to get the The Witcher game.

I went to the free card keg thing, but it says "Sorry, you must have GWENT in your game library etc etc.

I downloaded it 3 more times while turning off noscript and ublock origin from firefox and then using the chrome browser. It still doesn’t recognize me having the game in my library.

Any ideas?

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Was having the same problem, it worked out once I did it thru GOG’s client, a little note, I got taken to the Witcher’s game page and it said it was at a 90% discount, but it went to free once I added it to the shopping car.

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I had the same issue, I really don’t feel like installing more stuff so I might have to pass.


I downloaded the GOG Galaxy. Then found GWENT, install and cancelled the installation. It registered in my library and then I went to the website and got the Witcher game.

Success! :+1: