Free Call of Duty game - Ironsight (F2P)

Don’t know if you caught the news, but a Call of Duty like game is available on steam as a Free to Play multiplayer game. It’s name is Ironsight.
The game has much similarities with the series of Modern Warfare.
It’s completely free to play and not Pay to Win game. It has been for free for a long time, but wasnt available on Steam, but now it is, so give it a try. Had some issues with the launcher before, now the game runs smoothly. Many people ask if the game has some player base. Yes it does and in first days of playing the game I met many skilled players.
The game is not demanding (space or graphics) and really fun to play.
So personally Im making a move from Battlefield 3 and Black Squad to Ironsight.


Its a good game but the small playerbase sometimes makes it really hard to enjoy it, at least for me.

Im constantly in and out of this game, jumped into it after seeing how Black Squad just wasnt shaping into the game that i was hoping it would but constantly being thrown into the same match no matter what kinda gets old.




I have been playing it the past few days and its super fun, I totally recommend trying it out