Free BF1/BF4 DLC Available now!

Hey everyone, so this time around we’ve got China Rising, Naval Strike, and Apocalypse! You have until August 7th to redeem the DLC.

BF1 - Apocaplypse:

BF4 - China Rising

BF4 - Naval Strike

This is the last DLC for both games. That’s why they gave both BF4 DLC’s. Enjoy!

(I’m not sure if there available everywhere yet)


Thank you for the information, got the missing ones for BF4 even though i don’t play it anymore, but it’s good to have them. (:slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! The links didn’t work for me (for some unknown reason), so instead I went to my Library, clicked BF4, went to Extra Content, scrolled down for Naval Strike/China Rising and then added it for free that way.

(wish more people still played BF3 though, better than BF4/BF1 etc)


I also wish more people would play BF3, I feel like if DICE remastered BF3 a lot of people would buy it and play the crap out of it again. Personally, though Bad Company 2 was and forever will be my fav, (well at least for now) I’d pay any price for a remaster of that one. Now that I’m thinking of remastering 's I think SICE should just remaster all the old battlefield games for both console and PC. From BF 1942 - BF3.