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Free Bastion iOS Game Download



Free Bastion iOS Game Download -download the app and “purchase” the full game unlock within the app for $0.

Since I can’t get to the site. This is all the info I have. Sorry :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Calling @Buzzyboii, @Vindace, @dusty, @lonin.


Thanks Delenn :blush: this is a fantastic game! I actually played and beat it when it first came out, but that version was delisted and is no longer updated. I highly recommend this for those who haven’t played it. The atmosphere and story is good, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the gameplay satisfying.


@Vindace … and the narrator is hilariously awesome!

Gosh. I have to wait another week for bestie and new phone to arrive. T_T


this is awesome, thanks! :hugs:


I don’t have iOS but that’s awesome. Bastion is one of my favorite games ever


Awesome! Thanks for this, @delenn13!

(turns out that my Discord server promoted this cool, very cool.)


One of the days I regret not having an iOS :< The game is fantastic, though, and for $0 it’s propably a sin not to add it


Thank you!


That is just awesome. TYVM! :smile:
I was scared i’d miss out since this post was 2 days ago but it’s still free :smiley:


Edit: Couldn’t find in App store without also typing in “Super Giant” . Trying to install it now. @delenn13 Thank you for the alert. ^^. :heart:


Don’t forget it’s a IAP that’s currently free, so you’ll have to go into settings and purchase it.


I think I did it right - went into settings and made an in app purchase for US 0.00. Said Purchase Cancelled the first time, but went back into the app and 2nd time, it said: “You’re all set!”.

Excited to be able to have Bastion as a take along game. ^^


And make sure you keep an eye :eye: out on the iPhone GOTD page. Most of it’s crap(Just like their Android page) but sometimes they slip in a really GOOD one. Just in case I am busy and miss them.


I like this game -


I was finally able to get it. lol

I hope they give it away on Android, I’d mch prefer that! :slight_smile:


Will do! I usually check out the daily games but not always the apps. From now on, worth doing. :smile:


theres not enough free good iOS games being posted here :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont often look in the store because I dont wanna spend anything :zipper_mouth_face: but then again i don’t find the free ones either that way.
have an Ipad with not enough games on it that are worth playing.
Bastion is a great game though that I’ll love and enjoy playing!


The deal is…There’s not a lot of decent FREE iOS games out there. I do find the occasional 99 cent game marked to free but it’s mostly crap games.