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[Free] Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Uplay) (Using Proxy or VPN)



Free until 3rd August 12:00 (GMT+9) (not sure if it will be available worldwide)

  1. Login on
  2. Use a South Korean VPN or Proxy
  3. Visit
  4. Click PC icon
  5. Congratulations! The game has been successfully added to your Uplay library.


Using a VPN? That should mean you have to use the VPN every time you want to access the game, and I’m not sure Uplay will take kindly towards the strange IP shifts on your account that occur that constantly.


Yes, it should only give you a version that contains Korean, even. They are giving away the Chinese version, too.


Removing the Chinese version link as it could be VPN locked and language locked.


Just use GeoProxy, this has worked every time something like this has popped up.


That’s not what I was getting at. I’m aware a VPN can be used to get around the region lock and get the game, what I was saying is, wouldn’t this require the VPN use every time to launch the game? And if so, might cause trouble for the user if Ubisoft sees your IP constantly changing between where you actually are to SK only when accessing a certain game.


I don’t know to be honest. I did just get the game using GeoProxy though, so I will test this theory and see what happens.


After using GeoProxy to add the game to my account, I can confirm that Uplay allowed me to download and install it in English (and other languages), and the game ran fine without a VPN of any sort.


Oh damn, so nothing like Steam/Origin! That’s awesome! Well here’s hoping it won’t making Ubisoft mad in the end, thank you for testing it!. :slight_smile:


Origin yea stays with the Lang locked, but Steam allows to get games from diffrent regions for a different price and get full access to it after a while of having the game in your library…


Cool then. I got one that ended up locked in Chinese, so I’ll try this out. Cheers.


Nope can’t get it to work.


Careful. The Chinese one seems (?) to be locked to VPN use and Chinese language. Also, if you open a VPN with BattlEye open you will be banned. People discussing it on the Reddit page, so, just a warning.


I might or would if I didn’t had three copies of the game already :kissing:


Thanks for the info.


There is a video guide how to get AC Brotherhood for free.
Worked for me after several unsuccessfull attempts with GeoProxy


GeoProxy wouldn’t work for me either, I’ll give this a watch and try. Thanks for the share. :sunny:


I got it using setup vpn, but I never tested it lool reason is I don’t have Uplay installed on my main pc anymore becos too many launchers ha
There seem to be several vpns (well browser vpns which are more like a proxy) on the chrome store that work. Hide My IP VPN, vpnpro and Hoxx vpn seem to be recommended too hm

Problem they will probably see that it suspicious that u r suddenly logging in from a different location. Also IP addresses like that are probably used by a lot of different people, it’s not hard to see that u are using one lol


That ended up working for me too with minimal fuss. Guess only a few more hours left to claim it.


I couldn’t get GeoProxy to work and spent so long looking for alternatives for so long that I quit for the day (lol got tired), now the event ran out. Fuuuu. Oh well. Maybe they’ll give it away globally next time. :slight_smile: