Free Arelite Core @IndieGala DRM-Free (OVER)

Here’s one from IndieGala: Arelite Core NOT STEAM!

Here is the Steam page for the game:


Some of the information in this reply, is time sensitive. If one were to visit, you would go to the parent galaFreebies webpage where you would find 3 DRM-free titles for grabs (No Steam Keys). Arelite Core the game that @delenn13 just informed you about. I posted a topic about the game 2Dark a couple of days ago, that freebie will be available until January 1st 2019. The final game (more like a demo I believe) is NSFW, Cherry Kiss Mahjong Strip Solitaire. The ability to download that game is about to expire sometime today, December 31st 2018.

Could NOT resist. Found :arrow_up_small: whilst searching for :arrow_down_small:. I’m being toxic again; bad ally, bad ally, bad ally!

Sorry, my bad.


Bump, title change, update…

The 2Dark and Cherry Kiss Mahjong Strip Solitaire giveaways have ended. Arelite Core will be ending soon™. 1/07/2018 to be specific… (mm/dd/yyyy)



Mahjong “Strip” Solitaire by Cherry Kiss is back for less than 24 hours, no idea what exact time it ends at.

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