Free ALL-THE-TIME Open Source Games for Windows, Linux and even Mac

These are NOT Steam Games. I have only played Neverball and SuperTuxKart. They both were a LOT of fun.


Here’s a couple that I’m aware of, that are actually halfway decent:

FreeCiv - Open-source Civilization. It’s made a lot of strides and is still being updated on a regular basis.

Open XCom - Same scenario, open-source XCOM: UFO Defense.


They mention FreeCiv and a few the end of the article.

"You’ll find plenty more single-player open source games out there. I’ve left off adaptations of popular titles such as FreeCiv (Civilization) and FreeCol (Colonization), since they come off to me as dated recreations of ancient titles. But they each can provide hours upon hours of fun.

Valyria Tear is a promising Japanese-inspired role-playing game, but it’s currently short on content. Don’t forget Frozen Bubble and dozens of other great puzzle games. That’s one genre that could fill this entire list on its own.

And if these games have inspired you, check out how you can live an entirely open-source life.

They also have links spread through out the artcle for other articles…like…


The Open XCom is a good add. Thanks.:+1:t2:


Whilst unlikely to be a problem given the ease of sailing the internet high seas, it must be noted that Open Xcom isn’t a full game in and of itself and requires the original game files to modify.

Another good addition would be Cosmoteer


Good point. While it wasn’t an issue for an old fart like me that still had copies of the original media, getting it to work without those may take a bit of * ahem * nautical inclination.


Could maybe be worth mentioning and which are the same sort of thing for Transport Tycon and Theme Hospital as open Xcom is for xcom. Free adaptations to get the old games running on modern system, though you still need the old games. At least for CorsixTH, not sure about OpenTTD.