Free: 2Dark @Indiegala (OVER)

Indiegala is giving away a free permanent copy of 2Dark on PC. That’s right, the full game for free, plus it’s also DRM-free. This giveaway ends on January 1, 2019; so download the game as soon as possible! 2Dark is a Stealth horror adventure game from the creator of Alone in the Dark. I reiterate, a free permanent DRM-free copy of 2Dark for PC (unfortunately, no Steam key). The giveaway can be found here, in this hyperlink.

You can visit the games website @

Remember, no Steam key… but I will post the Steam store page for 2Dark in case the info is helpful.


might give it a try, thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome @TR3NT . Thank you, for thanking me for sharing. To be honest, I am really liking the game so far. That being said, Oy vey, it most definitely has earned its Mature rating. I am starting to believe that maybe I should edit the topic to include a trigger warning for those who are sensitive or gatekeep sexual and/or violent content from children. I do however want to point out that this game does not glorify those themes, nor are you an active participant. You play a hard boiled detective who is hell bent on putting a stop to said horror. If I go in to anymore detail we will be entering spoiler territory, so I will end it here.


That one GIF intrigues me, but with enough time it‘ll be a few cents on Steam and I‘m too lazy to have games in more than one place. :C


It’s a DRM free download, you don’t have it registered or hosted anywhere. You just have to download the game and store it until you want to play it. It’s just 402Mb so not a huge claim on harddrive space.