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Forum Thread Pinning Issue (Solved by Gnuffi)


We are having a discussion about some threads being globally pinned, and I realized that there’s an issue here:


This seems to be the default for me, when I click the pin and pin it so it displays this:


At the bottom it changes to Pinned Globally:


Then I would leave the thread and come back, and it would return to Unpinned:


So the default keeps running back to Unpinned thread, and I don’t know what’s going on, since it seems to be Globally pinned for some people… :man_shrugging:

I feel like this is something that maybe @lonin or @frst can help with, but maybe with the bigger Chrono admin team, someone else too?

Just tried switching the bottom drop down to “Pinned Globally.” It would switch appropriately, I would go to the main forum list and it would be pinned at the top. Then it would revert back to “Unpinned” as soon as I go back into the thread, and it would fall off the pedestal again.


you can’t pin stuff globally, only mods can, what you are applying is “personal pin”
-which then might conflict with the global pinnig, unsure
but like i mentioned the steam thread is globally pinned for me (without me touchign anything)

not signed in, fresh browser

(appears same when signed in too)


For some reason, it’s Globally Pinned for you, but for me, it’s Unpinned.

I am not saying I am outstanding in any way…

But in this regard, my account seems to be standing out from the rest of the Chrono crowd?


out of curiosity, how does your profile settings look

you happen to have that bottom one ticked?


@Gnuffi, you crazy gnome!!!


How did you manage to even find that? LOL!!!

Thanks! (Problem fixed.)



idono, i just stick my head in random boxes in the basement and rummage around :smile:

happy it works :hugs: :+1:


ok, on to the next subject at hand, where is @xist?


stuck in apex? :thinking:


hm, let me launch Origin, lol



I wish that the specific profile pic tagging of these linked posts could/would be corrected. But I know this was tackled before, and it seems to be a Discourse issue.


rofl, he actually is playing right now, i saw he hasn’t been here for a while, and he hasn’t opened Steam in 2 days, which is like an emergency or something in itself

asked him: u stuck?

answer: no answer

must be in a 1v3 situation trying to clutch and carry his team to victory like the badass-one-man-army-Rambo-FPS stud he is


@Gnuffi dude they have WiFi in Cairn?


yea, apparently if you stick a couple of swords in a Groble, add a bit of lightning, you get one helluva connection :wink:


Fun fact: the Great Gnuffi Schism (the day where his alts became autonomous and broke away from the original) came from a dispute over the use of a Light Theme.

Dark Theme Forever


I have been using the Dark Theme since day 1 of implementation. It’s just easier on my eyes, especially at night.


^signed in :wink:

:smirk: covering all the alt angles :sunglasses:


Oh, how misunderstandings can tear us all apart…


Don’t know why but I don’t get pop ups for messages…only see them after I quit. But yes, I’m kind of being consumed…

I have literally done nothing else in my free time but play Apex…


Wait we have a dark theme!?!?


Click your Profile Pic, then the Gear.

Preferences > Interface.

After that, have a professional check it out to make sure the eye damage caused by light theme isn’t permanent.