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Formatting Replies/Posts


So I see it says to use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML to format the text.

Unfortunately, I am only familiar with BBcode, and it appears that some BBCode formatting doesn’t work.

I would love to have a thread or just some type of handy guide I could use so I don’t have to spend 30 mins trying to figure out which language I need to put something in and how it’s written so I can format text.



Hope this helps:

Discourse supports a subset of BBCode, but a lot of Markdown which explains why when you click the buttons on a post, they generate Markdown; that’s the primary post syntax tool for Discourse.



Looks like it is missing the color and size formats from BBCode and maybe the lists (although markdown has some of that).

Will say that

Is very vague.


Yeah, if the creator of Discourse is being that vague it might be hard to pin down everything without looking at the source code (and even then it might take a little time)