For the love of god, please stop using emoji in your daily emails.

You are a business not a millennial, emojis have no place in an email subject line.




I wouldn’t have said anything, but yeah, I find I have to agree.
Also it seemed impossible to make hotmail not sort chrono’s daily mail as junk, despite adding it to safe sender lists and adress books.




When we’ve tried not putting emojis in the titles in the past it hasn’t made a significant difference in open rates, but we can try again.

Got some juicy examples for those of us not subscribed to Chrono emails? I remember receiving my first email with an emoji in the title not too long ago, definitely was a shocker for me. Can’t find it in my inbox anymore, meaning I probably marked the sender as junk mail.

I’m saying this as a millenial, but millenials are pushing to hard to change “business”. Millenials are trying to change office dress codes and alter communication formalities, and as a guy who regularly wears a shirt and tie, that bugs me. While a smalltime online business like this can pull this stuff off without me caring, I dread the day all the old school CEO’s die off and office emails are replaced with emoji twitter updates.


Anticipating the day when my credit card statements start arriving with the email subject:

:credit_card: :calendar_spiral: :money_with_wings: :cry:


oh god that’s a horrible thought.


Add the Coin into the Subject and I’m sure the click-through rates will skyrocket. Then we’ll see a bunch of salty posts about it here in the forum. :smirk:

So yeah that was from today up until the end of may.


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I kinda agree on this one, some of the chrono emails have been caught in my junk mail filter and as everyone says I assume this is why. I understand the website is meant to be lighthearted fun and easygoing but I dont know if the emoji’s in the email really add anything much to this.

Hotmail’s detection is just stupid, every now and again it decides that a sender can’t be trusted and forces me to click ‘view blocked content’ even though the sender is on my safe list and has been for years. Also lately it’s sending stuff to my junk folder that I have been receiving fine for years.

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