For the Love of Animals

I love all animals with the exception of snakes. That fear is a ‘gift’ from my mother.

She attended churches which practiced talking in tongues and snake handling. I was the chosen child that the snakes were used on to demonstrate that they were safe. They used rattlers. After the services I was given to the pedophile pastors to use the snakes in other ways that I’ll not discuss here. I know that was not the snake’s fault but the trauma still causes me not to be able to tolerate snakes. We won’t discuss how I feel about pedophiles, my mother or religion.

I absolutely adore all other animals. When I’m having a bad day and who hasn’t had a double dose of them in this awful year I talk to my birds or look for wonderful stories about pets.

I have an online newspaper that is free here:

Anyone, anywhere in the world can do this, and the premium paper is only $9.00 US a month. My paper is primarily about sewing and science, and yes I know that is probably a weird mix.

Today this link is on it:

National Geographer Wildlife Photography of 2020

as is a story about a gorgeous songbird that is half male - half female.

The world seems to be catching up with the animal population - this is my desktop image and I have many more like this on my Pinterest page:


as more and more birds and other animals (bees, butterflies, for example) are being found that are unusual in color and are labeled by science as gynandromorph.

I hope others will post pictures of your pets, animal stories or links that made you happy. Twitter has Caturday so why can’t we have our own Pet day every day?

I saw this yesterday and was so excited because I thought it was about a new movie:

Spider-Cat is already shaping up to be the real hero of Spider-Man

Spider Man is my all time favorite Hero and has always been. But nope not about a movie. Color me disappointed.

If this is in the wrong category or shouldn’t have been made at all, please tell me and feel free to delete it.

Have a great day everyone. Please be safe and practice kindness. It is free and it’s catching.


If and when we get another dog, it has to be able to do this…


Aw noo that about snakes.
I mean most people are just scared of snakes without any reason and that story just sounds scaryy. I do like my snakes tho yea some can be dangerous I think I got too close to a deadly one once.

Here some dogs


Mongoose were introduced here and still are around, although now I guess they more get chickens and other bird eggs. They’re shy and you hardly see them except when running from cover to cover.

I love animals too, but I have a distrust of large dogs, specifically. Documentaries have taught a heathy respect for sharks rather than fear. Still ain’t swimming with them.

Only thing I really can’t deal with is insects that swarm, like ants and (no offense) bees. They have their place, but interacting with them isn’t for me.


Thanks for your post, I’ll take a look at it. :+1:


That is so neat. A lot of dogs are more human and humane than people I know.

I love dogs. I have had and said good-bye to more than my share. Tis way too painful.

Our grocery stores here have a big bin (well they did, since the virus I’ve not been) where they collect donations for the animal shelter. When I can I buy and stick in a bag of dog food especially since I am a Veteran and found out about this:

Someday I hope to live somewhere that I can let a dog out to run and play. We live in the city now and I can’t do that, it would have to be taken for walks which I am unable to do. I miss cuddling with a dog very much.


@Pylinaer Someone has had way too much pasta in their life. The snek I’d boop is the King Snake as home boy eats the poisonous ones.


Me and not quite my dog ( its my fathers’ , i would like to have a dog but since i live in a flat i feel that would be bad for a doggo so i keep myself from getting one ) , picture was taken few weeks ago while i was visiting him.


Aw he’s so adorable. Thank You for sharing him with us.

Also big hugs for being so considerate and not getting a dog when there isn’t enough room for one where you live.


I like nope ropes as long as they are not at my place or near me. They can stay over there eating other pests.

Though I do want to boop their snoot one day.


I admit, I am afraid to click on this. Call me a scaredy cat all you want. I don’t care.

It’s better than having night terrors for the next few weeks.

A good friend sent me this, and I try very hard to remind myself of this at least once in awhile:


He told me it is important for all humanity to be kind to themselves and remember we all matter, something I struggle with daily, sometimes minute by minute.

Not trying to be a downer, but just not clicking on a link that says snakes for anything in this world.


Ditto, sad thing, but yes, I live this. For me, it’s a many legged thing - even pictures trigger hysteria and tears, so I get it. Phobias are a serious thing.


I, uh, did not read your initial post well enough tbh. Kinda stopped at the “post animals” bit, saw the onebox link and scrolled down. Saw Dogetail’s post and was like, oh I have a video I’ve saved about them. It’s just a light hearted “about” piece, inclusive of alternative names like nope rope and danger noodle.

My apologies. No judgment passed.


I have a cat and she’s just great, super sweet with a pinch of mischief :grin:
Have a ton of pictures so I guess I’ll add a few


Thank You. She’s adorable.

I think all cats have a pinch of mischief, it’s required and makes them more lovable.

We had 2 cats named Cagney and Lacey and they were sweet as could be around us but not around my ex. They would do all sorts of things to irritate him.

Cats are superior to humans and are always ready to remind us of that.


No worries. I have to admit my ignorance about those terms for those animals.

I am a severe introvert both in real life and online. Animals are one place I feel comfortable sharing because almost everyone can communicate about their :heart: for their pets.

No harm done, no hard feelings.

P.S. what is a onebox link? Another new term for me.


I am so sorry that we share this. My daughter shares your fright of many legged creatures and I do of course where the animals I spoke of are concerned.

It is not at all fun, and I imagine this time of the year many pics and displays are fraught with triggers for you as they are for my daughter.

Gentle friendship hugs.


The link is a onebox. Basically it turns into a box with a link versus the standard link.

So this:


Thank You. :grinning: