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Fooled Before April Fools


Don’t mind me. A site completely confused me…

How have you been fooled today?

A site I usually go to got me good. They replaced all their advertisements as gifs. I spent 30+ minutes going through my adblocks trying to figure out how I am seeing these ads.

I figured it out when I started reading the ads. They were such corny inside jokes. When I clicked on them, nothing happened. Literally gifs. Facepalmed myself.

EDIT: Oh my gosh…I’ve been double fooled. They did it the day before April Fool’s. This is high quality fooling.

…How do I delete this…


Apparently it’s trendy to not do April Fools this year since a lot of the world is in crisis, so the company I work for decided to follow suit and do nothing this year.


Haven’t been fooled since I had a look at the date yesterday and knew it was coming. But if we’re gonna talk favorites I really loved the Minecraft ∞ Update, it’s actually fun to play!


I get that people want to avoid pranks about the crisis, but I don’t see why humor should be canceled because of it.


humor has been quarantined till the lock-downs are over


Well we wouldn’t want any sick jokes now would we?

…that could offend someone.


I fear you’ve gone too far already. We must show restraint as this is highly infectious.


sick jokes

Warning: Singers are bad. Song is bad. Music is bad. Only title is relevant.


another reason corona jokes are inappropriate is it’s been deemed NSFW


I didn’t fully listen to it but it just seems typical Kpop.