Folder Marker Home ($24.95 value) free for a few days for Cnet readers

Finally, Since I got the new laptop, I have been waiting for this to be a giveaway. And it’s a lifetime one too. So make sure you save the exe and codes. I had purple for all my books and blue for movies etc…

From Cnet:
" Note that while you’re getting a lifetime license, you’re not eligible for upgrades. And there’s no technical support beyond what’s available in the online knowledge base and help pages.

Folder Marker is one of those tools that, once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it. When you run the program, you’ll see that making changes is a simple three-step process: choose a folder, choose the icon for that folder, then select any options you might want.

There’s a wide assortment of icons available, including letters, colors, and symbols (such as stars and arrows). You can also apply a custom icon. Many of these choices are accessible via context menus as well: right click any folder and then mouse over Mark Folder.

This version of the software also includes a tag feature, meaning you can assign text tags to folders in addition to colors. Read more about the benefits of folder tags.

If you rely heavily on Windows folders for organizing your documents, this is one utility I think you’ll find invaluable. Snag it while it’s free and you’ve got nothing to lose by taking it for a spin."


Thanks for this, sounds great for my OCD! :smiley:


I never realized that the icons haven’t been updated since…Win98? :rofl:

Floppy Disks!!!

I now realize that I will really like this. Thanks!


I’m having trouble figuring it out. I put in my email for the newsletter and can’t find the next step. Maybe my adblock is hiding it somewhere…


They mention that the second e-mail might be in spam/junk folder… It really was for me, so check there.


Or as Mae West would have said, “Is that a floppy disk in your pocket, or are you just NOT happy to see me?” :smirk:

(Only our older members will get that joke) :nerd_face:


They’ve been updated, it’s just that they’ve been adding them instead of replacing, so the old ones are there too.

You can also use other icons files (hence the Browse bit at the top), the default Windows ones are just a starting point. I’m not sure how easy it is to get other icon packs though, never looked into that.


The newsletter sign-up form on the page wasn’t even showing up on the page unttil I disabled my ad blocker. Once I had signed up for the newsletter, I got an email from a “Roman Rudnik” with a confirmation link. After clicking that, you receive another email with the key. Check your Spam folder if you don’t see the emails - they were delivered right away in my case.


Thanks for the advice everyone.

I used firefox and found it. I got the email and the registration number. Everything good so far. But in the same email, it says to click a link to register the product.


  1. Download Giveaway edition of Folder Marker Home using this link
    The key will NOT work with the version, downloaded elsewhere.

That seems pretty important. I tried to click each word in that text. But there is no hyperlink. It is just blue text. :man_shrugging:

Could someone share the link they got from the email?


The entire sentence (in blue and bold) is a hyperlink to an executable installer download. The link does have a unique identifier at the end but it’s probably used for click tracking and should point to the same executable. I will PM you the link.

It works fine for me in the Windows 10 Mail app. I suspect your email client may be set up to block links from unknown senders by default for security. If you want to try accessing your own link, there should be an “enable links” option to override that somewhere or you could try temporarily add the email to your contacts. If your email service offers a web-based interface and you’re using a local client, you may see the setting if you use the web-based version instead.


Got it!

Thank you.

I sent it to a yahoo email. I’ll check out if they did that fancy pants hyperlink blocking. If so, that is an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

sigh The hoops I made for myself to jump through just for cool folders. :v:


I just noticed that there is a “View this message online” link in the upper border of the email body but that might have been disabled too.

I’d expect that unless you enable the links first, you would only have ended up forwarding the version of the email with links disabled. Which email service did the email originally get sent to? If it has a web version, that might be a better option (at least for similar cases going forward).


I did as you said and the result was interesting.

I clicked every button and couldn’t find any of the options you mentioned. But on a whim, I moved the email from my spam folder to my inbox. Suddenly all the links are there.

This is so in case someone else has this problem, moving the email to your inbox is an option.


Sounds like a good safety feature, disabling all links in spam mail prevents accidental clicking and having to go the extra step to move the mail first gives you time to think about what you’re doing. Probably something all mail providers should do.


Yeah, Yahoo’s version of enabling links seems to be moving the message out of the Spam folder.
I have a Yahoo account too, so I quickly peeped at my Spam folder - at the top of each message they add “For your security we disabled all images and links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam.”
Hope this helps some Chronies gain access to links in their fake-positive spam. :slightly_smiling_face:


I should have know better than to TRUST Cnet. I had this feeling in my bones and I ignored it. Lifetime license my BUTT!

I got an email from Folder Marker today and it says:

You’ve been using Folder Marker Home for some time, and I hope you’ve enjoyed working with it.

But you’re using a giveaway edition, which has 3 main limitations:

  • You can’t reinstall it. It means your marking could be lost if your computer crashes or you reinstall Windows;

  • Updates are not free for you, so you’ll lose your giveaway version if you test the updated version;

  • You have no free support.

Plus, you can use it at home for non-working purposes only (because it’s a Home version).

Why not get rid of these restrictions and get the extra benefits of the Pro version?

I would suggest to everyone that isn’t interested, just unsubscribe for their emails now. If we get any more freebies, I or someone else can post them here.

Sorry everyone. :unamused:


No worries, it’s hit or miss with these things. Better to try just in case it is a great deal. Thank you for letting us all know about this giveaway anyway.


I don’t mind the other limitations but this one sounds like outright blackmail to me. Luckily I was still debating whether I would use the features enough to justify installing it. I’ll steer clear of them in future. Thanks for the heads-up.


I don’t know about blackmail, racketeering maybe. “it’d be a real shame if your computer crashed or windows needed reinstalling. Not that our program would ever cause anything like THAT to happen… you’d have no troubles with the full paid version though.”


Glad I missed out on this, to be honest.
Looked fishy.

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You’re right about blackmail not being the right term but racketeering seems too generic and overarching. Got me thinking about the most accurate term to describe the practice. The best I could come up with was extortion where the threat is of losing your application access and effort invested in organizing folders. Anyone more well versed in the jargon of fraud who can do better? :smirk: