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Flash Game Tournaments 2020



This is the best I was able to do.

This was a little better.


Not the most exciting of games, and I got wrapped up by a big guy who just coiled and squeezed me, pissed me off pretty badly…


this game is very similar to another one called, I think that all the time I spent in high school trying to reach the first position in the ranking was worth something now :joy:





my best


rough and tough out there!


I am tapped out.





A little friday bump to remind people that this is soon over, then you can continue with your regular life.


I have tried, but didn’t have the time to get a good score that matters or land in a good room that I can have a stable ping. I guess I’ll just let it be, :rofl:

Thanks for organizing this up, was a lot of fun, specially in these times. :heart:


Did a bit better


A tad better here. The opposition sure knows how to wrap you up :frowning:

I was extremely lucky in a 300+ person server



The week is over and thus is the tournament.

This week score:

  1. ARS85: 32356 - 10p
  2. Pylinaer: 22807 - 8p
  3. Agetime: 20657 - 6p
  4. PeteMcc: 15228 - 4p
  5. DrFlamingo: 7093 - 2p
  6. snake153: 3191 - 1p
  7. YQMaoski: 1872


  1. DrFlamingo: 40 - WINNER!!!
  2. PeteMcc: 35
  3. ARS85: 30
  4. Agetime: 25
  5. YQMaoski: 22
  6. Pylinaer: 13
  7. Enki: 11
  8. Truly: 10
  9. snake153: 9
  10. Fraggles: 8
  11. Doomy: 8
  12. onLooSe: 6

And the wiener is:



What was your favorites?

Any other games you rather would have seen?

I hope that the tournament has been fun and that you guys enjoyed it, even if some games still might haunt you. x)


Yay, I made the top 10!
I was never much interested in flash games at any point and didn’t find myself wishing to delve far into most of the selected titles. Not because they were necessarily bad, I just have “real” games to play.

Excluding the first one, which for some reason I got kind of stuck into, it was just very relaxing to idly click at while listening to music. Even though I find that the game is both badly designed and kind of dumb. The swinging game did not incentivize doing what was actually fun in the game, swinging and timing your swings to move at speed. Doing that gets you killed quickly, instead slowly inching forward, often dragging yourself along the ground is the best way to score high, weird game.

Anyway, while I didn’t participate much I think this was a neat idea so thanks for doing this.


Thanks Terzom for putting this together.

My favorite game was probably Double Dodgers, next was that Chess game, hmm, had to scroll up to find the name: Rook.


Yes, thanks @Terzom! It was a blast.

I did not get to participate in the first few games so I guess I shall play those now. Rook does look fun/interesting!

Thanks again, Terzom :slight_smile:


Thanks for organising it @Terzom, it was a fun time and I got second, so I will take it!
I agree with @YQMaoski that Double Dodgers and Rook were the best of the games.


Thanks, @Terzom. Great idea :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Hey @Terzom thanks for having held this tournament :3, I always enjoyed flash games and I haven’t played for a long time, which made me have a great feeling of nostalgia :sparkling_heart:, without a doubt, my favorite games were Infiniroom and


Definitely DoubleDodgers and Rook